Its Now Easy to Backup Console Games Thanks to This Clever Software

Computer and console games are now big business. As the hardware has become more sophisticated, so gamers have come to expect more and more from their video games. If you want any proof just look at how the graphics compare on the latest Xbox 360 or PS3 games compared to say Pacman or Frogger – there’s really no comparison. The latest games all use video, high def surround sound and photo realistic graphics to make the gaming experience more like a major Hollywood blockbuster than a simple game. Unfortunately, all of this is not cheap to produce, and console games now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. The knock on effect of this is that the major games producers just cannot allow people to make copies of these games and pass them around their friends – they need to sell every copy they can in order to make profits and keep on producing the next line of blockbusters. That’s why, in recent years, copy protection measures on all of the major consoles have become so sophisticated that its virtually impossible to crack them.

However, notice that I did say virtually impossible. That’s because, thanks to some very clever software programming its now easy to backup console games – in fact it takes only 3 steps to make a copy of any game you want.

All you have to do to backup console games is get the original disc and place it into your PC DVD burner. Then get a copy of this game copying software, install and run it and follow the on-screen instructions. It takes a few minutes to transfer the entire content of the original game disc to your PC’s hard drive, software protection and encryption included. When this is done, remove the original game disc, and replace it with blank VD (or CD if its an older console like a PlayStation 1) Then, just click the big green button and wait while the games data is transferred from your hard drive onto the backup disc. After about 20-30 minutes you are done, and you have just successfully backed up your game for safekeeping.

It really cant get any simpler to backup console games thanks to this amazing new software. Make sure you get a copy now and protect the valuable investment that you have made in your console games collection.

Are you fed up having to replace broken or scratched console games discs? If the answer is yes, then I have the perfect solution for you! You need to get software that will backup console games [] at the touch of a button. I have found the ideal piece of software that lets even the most inexperienced user do this, so if you want to know the easiest way to backup console games

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What Are Some of the Advantages of Console Gaming Over PC Gaming?

When you are getting into gaming, there are basically two types. You can either buy consoles to play games or you can buy a computer that will run your games. There are good points to each type. Find out what some of the advantages of console gaming over PC gaming.

The first is cost. Many times the cost of console gaming is much cheaper. The reason is that typically a console is going to be cheaper in the long run than a computer high powered enough to run games properly.

With a console you don’t have the need to constantly be upgrading your hardware. With a PC, every few months you have upgrades you can be making to get to the point of running the newest games properly. A console doesn’t required this.

You know for a fact that each game that you buy for your console is going to work with your machine. Sometimes no matter how well you match up the requirements, certain games just don’t function properly on a PC which can be frustrating. A game purchased on your console will just work the way it needs to.

Console gaming offers you simplicity. You don’t have to deal with driver issues or hardware not working with other hardware. It is simple since you just turn it on and play.

Console gaming is more multi-player friendly. It is easy to play two, three, and four player games. This is difficult to do on the computer as you just have one keyboard and one mouse. You can do this online, but it’s not the same as playing with someone right there in the room with you.

The last advantage of console gaming is that you don’t have to install any of your games. They will just work out of the box without having to wait for the installation process to happen.

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